monika hedman

the deathless song of unfulfilled longing (scholastic art awards national gold key award winner)

2016 - age 18

books, wire, led lights, cacti

48 x 24 x 12

in this piece, i aim to speak to something deep within all of us: the unfulfilled longing that lies at the heart of the human experience. the man suspended between two contrasting scenes represents its inescapability and the inevitability. this type of longing comes in many forms, and can represent anything. we may attach such longing to a person or object, whether it be from our past or future. or, we may experience it as a nonspecific, vague restlessness that lingers like mist. But, whatever that longing represents, we will pursue it despite the fact that it will never be fulfilled. even when attached to a person, object, or outcome, the feeling is greater than the individual; it’s inherent to the human condition. regardless of its association, unfulfilled longing is the manifestation of a cosmic force larger than we are. 

scholastic art awards national gold key award winner